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"Dustin was so helpful and honest. He pinpointed the issues I have been having with my rims immediately after months of monkeying around at the other shop I have used. He got me situated and on my way in less than 40 minutes with no appointment scheduled. I will ALWAYS try here first for tires/wheel issues!"

Harmony Charles

Dustin was incredibly friendly and quick! He knew exactly what he was doing and replaced my flat tire at a very good price! No Time Flat will have all of my tire business!

Matthew Timmer

Have used No Time Flat Tire Service on several occasions. Always a quick in-and-out for patches and repairs.


Most recently, had a slow-leak tire that was unrepairable, so I ended up needing a new set (the tread on the remaining tires was nearing its end). It was 4:30 in the afternoon and they called several locations to find the exact tire that I needed, as few places stock the unusual size. They even dispatched a driver to a tire wholesaler across town before they had confirmation that the tires were in stock, as their website incorrectly stated. IF they were able to get the tires, they planned to stay late past closing and install them for me. That is going above and beyond, I must say.

Anonymous Client 

Good people! They helped me out big time, I would highly recommend.

Ben Mansfield

Much better than the chain tire stores.

Robert Fohlbrook

Awesome guaranteed repair at low cost..with no sales speech

Lindy Antonides

Very nice people and knowledgeable.

Matt Kleifgen

Wonderful service . Took the time to explain the problem and how they were going to fix it.

Kaitlyn Kelley

"Big thanks to Dustin and staff for fixing a broken stem and getting a nail out of my tire this Saturday on a long weekend!!! They fixed it IN No Time Flat! They will certainly be seeing more of my business!!"

Roger Groendyk III

Dustin is awesome. He helped us when he really didn't need to so we didn't die. It's good to know that people like that exist. Not only will I come back, but I'm recommending this place to anyone.

Alannah Elliot

Since they couldn't get the tires until the next AM, they had it all ready to go when they arrived, install all four and dropped it off at my house so that neither my wife nor I needed to hitch a ride to go pick it up.

I certainly plan to use them again, especially because I prefer to support the local businesses and have had some less-than-stellar experiences with the "chain" shops in Grandville.

William Harris

Always treat me fair. Never overcharge.

Al Bylsma

Amazing service and extremely customer friendly. They will repeatedly go out of their way for a customer including driving to their work to fix a flat. Couldn't be happier!

David Hand

The experience was amazing! In and out time blew my mind! Dustin is the best guy around for all your needs! I am incredibly happy with his services!

Luke Kamps

We are very pleased with the staff and final products No Time Flat produces. We would highly recommend them for all your tire installation and repair work.

Corbin Prince

Great and fast service.

Tyler England

I don't think I've ever had more professional service at a tire shop ever. I was blown away by their politeness and professionalism. I bought a used rim next door then ran across the street to No Time Flat. Where the man redid my tire and rim in a super low amount of time for only 35 bucks. Which I thought was very reasonable. They have a customer for life.

Shad Skinner

No Time Flat did an excellent and professional job. Highly recommend them for tire needs!

Mike Idema

Cannot say enough great things about this place of business -- It was the day before Thanksgiving, I had miles to travel the next day, but I had a BAD wheel issue. Couldn't diagnose if I had a bad tire belt, brake issues, or an alignment problem. I called at 10:00AM and they had me in by 12:00 NOON. Called every other repair shop in town and was told I would have to wait 1 week+ just to get a diagnosis...No Time Flat had me come right in, diagnosed the issue, and fixed the problem in a flash. All for a very affordable and reasonable price. I would recommend this place of business to all of my friends and family. If you are ever in need of a tire repair or work around that area, make sure No Time Flat is the FIRST place you call.

WestMI Man

Fixed my flat tire faster than I could have ever imagined! And at a price that can't be beat! I would recommend this place to anyone.

Clay Mandigo

I've used them twice for repairs of flats. Good dudes. Fast, friendly and good quality work. Will cost you around $30 per tire.

Mitch Barr

Fixed two flats for us very quickly and reasonably priced!

Brian Neises

Fast service and very friendly.

Rockford Wigger

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