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We specialize in same-day installations


The specialized No Time Flat commercial service is well known in our Michigan community for integrity, efficiency and experienced technicians who take care of our customers. You’ll discover our fleet service staff delivers the same consistent and reliable service you’ve already experienced with our retail staff.  


 Fleet Service

No Time Flat provides tire balancing, refinishing of your rims and wheels, as well as inspections of your fleet. We’re also happy to offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Our busy customers appreciate the efficient drive-through accessibility at all of our convenient locations.


Fleet Inspections

The No Time Flat Inspection System utilizes an inspection checklist created with your fleet in mind and continues to grow as we provide this system to all of our customers. Our combined experience and knowledge result in a safe and prepared fleet, while at the same time ensuring a cost-effective process for you.

Our inspections include: 


  • Air pressure checks

  • Flat repairs

  • Tread depth checks

  • Worn or damaged tires replacement


Rim & Wheel Refinishing

No Time Flat uses a powder coat system to refurbish rims and wheels, resulting in a finish that looks amazing. As time passes, rims become worn and rusty. This issue can mask conditions which, if left unchecked, could lead to a risky situation. We’ll fully inspect your rims & wheels during the process and refinish them right back to their original glory. Your refinished rims and wheels will noticeably improve the appearance of your vehicle and enhance your company’s appeal. Our powder coat refinishing service is available at our Jenison location.


Tire & Wheel Balancing

Correct tire and wheel balancing is important if you want your tires to perform at an optimal level and keep your drivers safe. No Time Flat uses sophisticated technology to make sure your tires are operating at their very best.

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